Instalaciones de Refractaria

REFRACTARIA, S.A. was founded in 1948 and its main activity is based on  the manufacture of refractory materials.

The company begins its activity during the expansion of the iron, steel and coal sectors producing refractory products for the steel industry in the bottom pouring system, ladles and other metallurgical installations.

Later on, with the incorporation of the continuous casting, Refractaria expands its activity to dry-way and semi dry way manufactured products. This extension makes the company enter new sectors such as aluminium, cement, glass, ceramics, lime, paper, petrochemicals, etc.

The progressive replacement of shaped products with unshaped ones, leads the company to manufacture these new goods along with the traditional ones.

Since 1997 the Society, within an ambitious investment and technological innovation program, enlarges its premises. Two new industrial units are built, which allow the beginning of new production lines.

In 2001, it incorporates a Quality Assurance System, obtaining its certification ISO 9001:2000,( which has been recently updated to 2008 version) , thus promoting  its competitive capacity.

At the end of 2008 a new automated plant starts to work in order to manufacture unshaped products, thus increasing  the production capacity of these products.

Since 2008, Refractaria was involved in an ambitious internalization project. In consecuence, its American office in Mexico was opened in 2009 and its Middle East office in Turkey was opened in 2011.

Refractaria, S.A. has a solid experience in the refractories world with which facing the future solidly and sustainably in all the markets it operates.