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Refractaria desarrolla hormigones de base nanotecnológica para la sustitución de materiales electrofundidos

Refractaria, en su continua apuesta por la innovación y el desarrollo de produc...
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Convocatoria de Junta General Extraordinaria de Accionistas de Refractaria, S.A.

Por acuerdo del consejo de Administración, se convoca a los Sres. Accionistas a...
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Nota informativa del Consejo de Administración de Refractaria, S.A.

De acuerdo con lo dispuesto en el artículo 319 de la Ley de Sociedades de Capit...
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70 Anniversary of Refractaria

Since 1948 manufacturing refractory solutions: refractory brick, castables and refractory cement.

<p>Since 1948 manufacturing refractory solutions: refractory brick, castables and refractory cement.</p><p>Refractory for electric furnace roof, ladle and tundish safety, special pieces and tundish flow control systems.</p><p>Alumina and SiC refractories. Special solutions to problems caused by alternative fuels.</p><p>Refractory foundry products. All types of conductive elements of the molten metal.</p><p>We are experts in refractory lining for frit-melting furnaces.</p>

Press release

Since last 30th of November, Refractaria S.A. is part of the Japanese Group Krosaki Harima Corporation, which is one of the largest worldwide refractory group and recognized by the quality of its products.

This acquisition fits perfectly within the company’s growth strategy and it will allow us to offer a complete refractory solution for our entire client portfolio.

Both companies will supply refractory products in more than 60 countries.

About Refractaria

Refractaria has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing refractory products. Since it was established in 1948, it has been fully renewed and enlarged, increasing its production capacity and its range of products.


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