Research, development and innovation

Refractaria facilities

Research, development and innovation are fundamental instruments in the Refractaria business and have the staff and the facilities necessary to provide these services.

Technical office and mechanical workshop

  • In house design engineering and the construction of models.
  • Lathes and milling machines for urgent maintenance and manufacturing.
  • 4 External mechanical workshops with validated production testing.


  • In house Laboratory for quality control and RDI whith the facilities necessary to perform control tasks.
  • Analysis and controls of raw materials.
  • Performance of quality controls of finished products and in-process products.
  • Verification of the properties of the new products that are being developed.
  • Post-mortem studyof refractories to determine the best solution.

ITMA Foundation

Refractaria is a sponsor and founding member ITMA Foundation (technical institute of materials). ITMA has two locations in Asturias entirely dedicated to research, development and innovation of materials.

With ITMA, Refractaria performs non-conventional studies, new materials characterization and other R+D+i projets.